Network "n+i"

Network "n+i" is a group of French engineering institutions of higher education who share international strategies and have thus chosen to mutualize their international cooperation efforts to attract and welcome high-caliber foreign students. On behalf of these engineering institutions, Network n+i is in a position to offer individualized attention and high-quality services to a large body of foreign students. Consequently, Network n+i fosters connections between French engineering institutions and foreign higher education institutions across the globe, also allowing the former to send their own French students abroad through jointly signed agreements.

Network "n+i": international students

Network "n+i" attracts international students, notably graduates with Bachelor-level engineering, technical, or scientific degrees, who desire to pursue a diplôme d'ingénieur, the distinguished French postgraduate, engineering degree*, or one of any Master's or Master of Science degrees. These degree programs are offered in all fields, ranging from Aerospace, Agriculture and Civil Engineering to Cybernetics Chemical and Electrical Engineering, etc.

Via an online platform, international students may register and create a single profile for free. Choosing from any of the Network "n+i" member institutions, students can the later apply simultaneously to multiple institutions and programs with one profile.  

Once admitted and upon arriving in France, "n+i" international students optimize their educational experience by choosing one or several « Track to Success » preparatory programs to facilitate their integration into French academic life: the Cultural Integration Package, the Linguistic Integration Package, and the Methodological Integration Package.  

* Regarding the French diplôme d'ingénieur: the term as well as the profession of ingénieur is used in a wider sense than is understood by the meaning of the English word engineer. In France, it denotes a well-rounded scientific Master's degree equivalent. In France, the title of ingénieur must be approved by the Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur (CTI) (French Accreditation Board for Engineering Education).

Network "n+i: french students

Network n+i also offers attractive opportunities to French engineering students coming from any of the member institutions.

These French students can apply to study abroad or to complete internship abroad (research or professional) in accordance with the receiving organization.