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Academic Programme

Microalgae Bioprocess Engineering Master’s Degree (MBE)

Diplôme national de master contrôlé par l'État


Microalgae Bioprocess Engineering is an academic curricular of the Process and Bioprocess Master's Degree. It is a two-year degree (M1 + M2) but only the second year (M2 Microalgae Bioprocess Engineering) is accessible at Polytech Nantes. Read more

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  • 1 year
Places *
* Polytech Nantes
Internship(s) *
Yes, Compulsory
* During the 2nd semester, students complete a 5 months research thesis/internship in a laboratory or company which allows them to be paid around €2500 (€500 per month).

Targeted audience

Prerequisites for enrolment
Bac +4




Tuition fees: 7500 €
These cost corresponds mainly to education and training costs. Polytech Nantes does not offer scholarships however should you require financial help please have a look at the Campus France Scholarship catalog website.


The international Master's Degree Microalgae Bioprocess Engineering is integrated in a two-year program in process and bioprocess engineering, with three academic semesters (lectures in english) and a six-month intership in industry or research laboratory.
This training is supported by the GEPEA laboratory and benefits from the microalgae research environment of the Saint-Nazaire site, as well as the Algosolis platform.


  • to develop an industrial process for microalgae valorization
  • to be able to conduct a research project on microalgae
  • to be able to manage an industrial project related to the microalgae field
  • to be familiar with the multidisciplinary approach needed in microalgae field (biology, engineering)


Students enroll for a two-semester program (second year of the Master). A total of 60 ECTS must be validated to graduate. For
candidates entering the first year of the Master’s Degree (PM3E, IMT Atlantique), the programme will deliver fundamentals in process
engineering and project management before entering the second year of the Master’s Degree (Master’s PM3E for details).

All courses are taught in English. French courses are organised for foreign students. A French Summer School is also available on request.



Polytech Nantes (campus Gavy)

Our partners

Research center

Polytech Nantes relies on the expertise of 7 world-renowned high-level research laboratories. The school is pro-actively involved in research and development activities.

Hosting research labs with Microalgae Bioprocess Engineering academic curricular:
  • Laboratoire GÉnie des Procédés Environnement - Agroalimentaire (GEPEA - UMR 6144 - CNRS)
  • Plateforme de recherche académique et industrielle Algosolis


Entry requirement

Academic requirement

The Master’s Degree is a two-year degree. Candidates with a Bachelor of Science degree will enroll in the first year of the Master’s Degree (Master PM3E, IMT Atlantique).

Candidates with at least a 4-year Bachelor degree or first year of Master’s Degree can ask to enroll directly in the second year of the Master’s Degree. Candidates must have a good knowledge in, not necessarily all, but a majority, of the following fields:

• chemical and bioprocess engineering
• biochemical engineering
• mechanical engineering
• physics, Chemistry and biology


Academic curricular in Microalgae Bioprocess Engineering (program)

First semester (S9) - (30 ECTS):

• Biology of microalgae
• Industrial valorization of microalgae
• Biochemical and metabolic engineering
• Microalgae culture and photobioreactor engineering
• Harvesting and biorefinery of microalgae
• Process integration and operation of microalgae exploitation facilities
• Project
• Language

Second semester (S10) - (30 ECTS):
• FEM - Master's Thesis

What's next?

Level of education obtained after completion

Bac+5 (Unknown label)

Career opportunities

Business sectors

Career opportunities:
  • Engineer in industry or research
  • Project engineer
  • R & D engineer
  • Higher education and research, particularly through doctoral training


Registration procedures

  • For students coming from a partner university with Polytech, please contact the international office coordinator of your home university concerning the enrolment.
    → Nomination deadline April 15th 2024.
  • For students coming from a country that is part of the Campus France procedure, please enrol with Campus France.
    → Applications start from October 1st, and end depending on your local embassy.
    Click here to see the list of countries part of the Campus France procedure.
  • For students coming from a country that is not part of the Campus France procedure, please download the application form and send it to incoming.mobility@polytech.univ-nantes.fr with all the requested documents.
    → Deadline to submit your application: 15 April 2024.



International office
Phone : +33(0)2 51 85 74 25


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