Engineering degrees at Polytech Nantes

Polytech Nantes offers 11 engineering specialties, including 4 vocational training courses delivered in partnership with ITII Pays de la Loire. Courses are taught in French and include scientific, technical, professional, linguistic, social and human elements that truly represent a French engineer. 
Important : B2 level in French is mandatory for international students.

Engineering specialties :

Vocational training courses

  • Control command of electric systems (Gavy campus, Saint-Nazaire)
  • Computer Science - Data engineering and artificial intelligence (Chantrerie campus, Nantes)
  • Energy (Gavy campus, Saint-Nazaire)
  • Network & Telecommunications Systems (Courtaisière campus, La Roche-sur-Yon)

Network "n+i"

Network "n+i" brings together about 50 French Engineering institutions of higher education who share international strategies and have chosen to mutualize their international cooperation efforts to attract and welcome high–caliber foreign students.

Double degrees

  • Discover our Engineering Master Double Degrees

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