Engineering Degrees (programs in French)

For students following the engineering program, Polytech Nantes delivers a 'Diplôme d'Ingénieur'. This engineering diploma is highly valued in France as it is equivalent to a high level Master's degree. Scientific, technical, professional, linguistic, social and human elements are crucial aspects of the course and the hallmarks of a French engineer.

Depending on their level of studies, international students can either enter Polytech Nantes in the 1st year (L3) or directly in the 2nd year (M1).

International Master's Degrees (programs in English)

Polytech Nantes offers 6 courses in research masters, with the University of Nantes, in the fields of bio-processes, information technology, electronics and electrical and thermal energy.

Courses in English

Polytech Nantes has developed programs of courses taught in English, especially for international students coming from partner universities (Europe and Outside Europe). 

Ph.D. programs

Students in their last year of engineering studies, and who want to pursue a career in the research field, have the opportunity to prepare a pre-doctoral thesis.

Double degrees

Polytech Nantes has created partnerships with foreign universities for international students wishing to gain experience by studying in our school.