Research and innovation at Polytech Nantes

Advanced research facilities

Polytech Nantes relies on the expertise of 7 laboratories. The school is pro-actively involved in research and development activities and aims at conducting research in diverse areas, covering a large spectrum (materials, energy, data processing, microalgae culture etc.). Our school is supported by high-quality research teams: numerous achievements and publications have led to their international renown.

A dynamic university environment

Other partners and members of the Nantes Université (IUT of Nantes, IUT of Saint-Nazaire, UFR des Sciences et des techniques) as well as other institutions in Nantes (École Centrale, IMT Atlantique) are more than welcome to join in our research teams. Such an environment stimulates cooperative research and the sharing of skills and knowledge.

The link to the business world

Polytech Nantes tries to establish a balance between experimental and established research practices. The strength of our research labs lies in their numerous research contracts with businesses, in particular small companies, as well as in their significant involvement in European and international collaborations.

Mis à jour le 22 April 2022.