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Programs taught in English

Polytech Nantes is open to the world. The school has agreements with more than 120 partner universities, in Europe (through Erasmus+ exchange programs) and outside Europe. Its international partnerships have enabled Polytech Nantes to develop a complete range of programs taught in English, thanks to the quality of its research and teaching staff.

Polytech Nantes offers 6 courses in research masters, with the Nantes Université, in the fields of bio-processes, information technology, electronics and electrical and thermal energy. Each master is a two-year degree (M1 + M2), but only the second year (M2) is accessible at Polytech Nantes, in English.

They offer courses designed and developed by several partners (the Faculty of Science, École Centrale de Nantes, IMT Atlantique and Polytech Nantes) and are also supported by recognized research laboratories (IETR, LS2N, IMN, etc.).

Important: B2 level in English is mandatory to follow our international masters.

Process and bioprocess engineering Master's Degree (more information)

academic curricular in Microalgae Bioprocess Engineering (MBE)

French classes are provided to all international students in our international Master's Degrees

  • Beginner level: courses at Polytech Nantes. 
  • Advanced level: courses at the Nantes Université (more information).

OMIST Scholarship

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