Polytech Nantes radiates thanks to its 3 campuses situated at Nantes, Saint-Nazaire and La Roche-sur-Yon. Nantes (located at two hours from Paris by train) is a city renowned for its vitality, culture, economic development and its quality of life.

Student Union

Sports, citizenship, solidarity, culture... the student associative networks is rich !
Polytech Nantes undertakes to put in place favourable conditions for the students' engagement : methodological advices, projects tracking, logistical and materials support, financial support. Our teams are mobilized to make it possible. The students' engagement is an integral part of the student experience and life. It contributes to the personnal development, integration, civic awareness and to experiment projects tracking in real conditions.

Somes clubs and associations...

  • The B.D.E organizes many events that animate the school life,
  • The B.D.S. (Student Sports Association) organizes a number of activities both on-site and at other university campuses : badminton , ultimate Frisbee, football, basketball, handball, volleyball, weight lifting, street hockey. 
  • The B.D.D,
  • Junior business IdéSYS,
  • PolyJoule's association - takes part in the Shell Eco Marathon,
  • ESN's association (Student Association of Nantes University)