Financing information 

Before joining an academic course, you should be well informed about all the costs involved. To ensure a successful and a problem-free completion of you study project in France, you should be certain about financint your studies. Academic Enrolment: your student card will be issued only upon payment of the following expenses:

University enrolment fee

In France, the regular university study program taught in French are highly subsidized by the French government. For information on fees for international degrees (particularly those taught in English), please consult the web page giving details about fees.

Books / Materials

Course material provided by Polytech Nantes costs about 100 € per year. It is to paid during the first month. Additional book costs are to be borne by the student.

Complementary Health Insurance

Hghly advisable. In addition to the health insurance fees that you pay for along with your school fees, you should consider hetting an additional health insurance coverage called the "mutuelle"" to fully cover your health expenses during your stay : minimum fees: 100 €/year.

Transport / Food

Transport: a public transport pass costs about 33€ per month (for those under 26 years old).

Food: if all mid-day and evening meals are taken at the university restaurant, it would cost around 180€ (3€ a meal).


Accommodation is available on the university campus, but most students seek accommodation in the city area. Rent may vary between €300 and €600 per month (a deposit equivalent ussually to the rent of 2 months ill be asked).

University hostels-residences (CROUS) request students to provide a guarentee letter frome someone living and working in the European Union and who can stand as a guarantof for yoy, in case of non-payment of the rent/other related expenses on your behalf. A guarantee amount may also be asked by landlords or estate agencies.

Overall living expenses are to be budgeted 600€ to 900€ per month (excluding the tuition fees).