Courses in English that are offered by the Thermal and Energy Sciences department of Polytech Nantes:


Autumn semester only (September to January)
Head of the department : Jérôme Bellettre

 Title Description Teacher(s) ECTS
 Combustion Modelling Physical description of the phenomena within a flame. Application to numerical similation of combustion and pollutant formation. J. Bellettre 2
 Fiber-Reinforced Composite MaterialsIntroduction to the study of composite materials: description, modeling of the behavior under the influence of mechanical or thermal loads and fields of application.
 B. Bourouga 2
 Contact Mechanics and Heat TransferPhysical description of thermomechanical coupling allowing to analyze and to model the conditions of thermal connections to the various types of interface of solid-solid contact.
 B. Bourouga 4
Engineering Thermorheology
 Introduction to the Rheology of complex fluids and connection between the rheological behavior of some well known materials and the transfer of heat, mass and momentum. T. Burghelea 2
 Thermal systems at high temperatures Four conferences on different themes from Research and development, highlighting (for students) the transverse character and the coherence of the Engineer's training within the thermal-energy department of Polytech'Nantes B. Bourouga 3
 Inverse Heat Transfer Problems Approaches using Inverse heat transfer problem techniques for the post-processing of the experiments aiming at the thermal characterization of materials supports of the thermal transfer or the boundaries conditions prevailing on their borders Y. Favennec 2
 Industrial Project  - 15

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