Courses in English that are offered by the Electrical Engineering department of Polytech Nantes:


AUTUMN SEMESTER ONLY (September to January)
Head of the department : Michel Cardelli

 Electrical Engineering Project
 120h student's work for the study of an engineering issue, the design and the solving. - 6
 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)Study of the correct operation, in electromagnetic environment, of different equipment which use electromagnetic phenomena, and the avoidance of any interference effects.
 A. Zeddam 1
 Modeling of Electrical Machines Dynamic models of alternating machines in view of steady-state, transient analysis and control.
 M. Machmoum 2
 Three-phased machine control Introduction of the control stategies used by modern industrial drives for three-phased machines (synchronous and induction machines).
 M.F. Benkhoris & L. Loron 3
 Components and tools for digital control First, the practical implementation of the industrial control structure are introduced, Second, the hardware components and the software tools used for their development are presented. L. Loron 2
 Real-time Embedded Systems (RTES) This course has two main objectives : first, the design of an application in terms of tasks minimizing the communication each other and second, the implementation with posix thread on a real-time embedded system (Rack 5U and powerPC board).
 D. Delfieu 2
 Electroheat processes in industry Induction and microwave heating from theory to applications D. Trichet 2
   TOTAL 18

Once you have chosen the field of study you are interested in, please prepare (with your university of origin):
  • a learning agreement
  • a CV
  • a Cover letter

Send everything to : Laurence Buhé who will forward it to the head of the department in charge. Please note the deadlines for registration

Once your situation has been checked through and approved, you will be forwarded to Nantes University's registration office.