Courses in English that are offered by the Computer Science department of Polytech Nantes:


Head of the department : Vincent Ricordel

 Mini-Project: Software Engineering This mini-project aims to discover the life cycle of the software by practice, including management and team work, beyond the simple development. In particular, we cover the phases of elicitation and specification of software requirements, design, development, test, acceptance test, writing of various documentations. J. Cohen 2
 Mini-Project: Object-oriented software dvpt This mini-project aims to put into practice the knowledge learned in both information systems design and object oriented programming. F. Picarougne 2
 Multimedia Data and Systems
 This course aims at providing a wide background on through a selection of areas handling multimedia data : image/video compression, speech and audio coding or recognition, streaming audiovisual data over IP, face detection and recognition, multimedia information retrieval, watermarking and steganography, ... M. Gelgon 2
 Mini-Project: multimedia processing In these 18h projects, the teaching staff provides the class with a set of proposals, covering a variety of topics in the field of multimedia (3D TV, audio watermarking, restoring or analyzing medical images, detecting plate numbers, recognizing musical instruments, topic detection in texts,...). M. Gelgon 2
 Mini-project: networking This project deals with the large thema of networks. This includes a small State-of-the-art part and conception/realisation part. All the projects are evaluated by a demo at the end. B. Parrein

 Parallel computing In this course, we study high-performance parallelism, i.e., the kind of parallelism that applies to computation demanding applications, e.g., scientific simulation, management of high volumes of data, etc. J. Martinez

 Design of Databases and Data Warehouses This course offers an introduction to the basic issues involved in designing, building, populating, maintaining and planning a data warehouse. This course is illustrated with a case study. MP Nachouki

 Mini-Project : Web applications development The object of this mini-project is to practice on database concepts and tools with a small web context application project . MP Nachouki

 Data Mining This course presents the different kinds of knowledge models, so-called patterns, available for data mining, depending on the objectives (supervised, unsupervised) and on the nature of data (transactional, sequential,...). The course will detail three basic models: decision trees, k-means, and association rules; and the associated learning algorithms. The last part of the course will be dedicated to available software and tools, and practice in labs. F. Guillet

 Functional Programming Functional programming is a high-level programming paradigm  based on the concept of mathematical function. The principles of functional programming are free from assignments, loops and pointers and prefer variable binding and recursion. J. Cohen

 Research Project The scientific research project is based on a personal project, proposed and validated by members of research teams belonging to one of the research laboratories of the Polytech School of the University of Nantes, namely LINA (Laboratoire d'Informatique de Nantes Atlantique) and IRCCyN (Institut de Recherche en Communication et Cybernétique de Nantes). J. Martinez

   TOTAL 31

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